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About the Massachusetts Police Association (MPA)

Our History

The MPA supports police in Massachusetts. We always have and we always will. From Western Mass to the Cape, the North Shore to Boston proper and everywhere in between, our organization offers assistance, guidance, services, and information to all the members of our various police forces and their supporters. We work hard to shine a positive light on the honored members of law enforcement in the Commonwealth through action, involvement, and informative publications within the state’s cities and towns.

Today, the MPA works in tandem with former and present-day police officers, and their supporters, to improve the communities they serve. We have a history of organizing charity events, fundraisers, scholarships, and award ceremonies to showcase the beneficial impact our police officers have on the citizens of Massachusetts. We also offer services to aid members of the various police forces and their families. By representing the law enforcement members who serve the citizens of the Commonwealth, we are doing our part for positive change. 

For more information about how you can get involved, or for more details concerning the MPA, please call 617-720-3477 to speak to one of our staff members.