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Legislation Information You Can Use

When you stay informed on the current laws of the Commonwealth, you stay better positioned to help law enforcement fulfill their sworn duty to uphold it. In that regard, the Massachusetts Police Association (MPA) gives you the tools you need to find various, current pieces of legislation; passed by the House of Representatives, the Senate, and the Governor’s Office.

What is more, we give you the contacts to reach out to the right people, make inquiries, and make your voice heard. In matters of law enforcement, sometimes this can make all the difference in helping officers get home to their families safely, and give them the protections they need in a very difficult and demanding job.

Take some time to review all of the links below. You will get a better feel for the resources at your disposal, and learn to use them to the benefit of all. If you still have questions about laws and law makers influencing policy, be sure to call or email the MPA so we can help direct you better. 

Contact Your State Legislator

View State Legislation

For more information about how you can get involved, or for more details concerning the Massachusetts Police Association, please call 617-720-3477 to speak to one of our staff.