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MPA Benefits and Sponsors

As a member of the Massachusetts Police Association (MPA), you are part of a family of like-minded individuals looking to serve and protect members of law enforcement who serve the citizens of our state. Through organized member benefits and initiatives like the ones listed below, the price of your membership serves not only police officers (possibly like yourself) but their wives, husbands, children, and their loved ones too.

As a member, you’ll have access to:

  • Real Estate Rebate Program: The MPA Real Estate Rebate Program is designed to help MPA members purchase real estate with assistance from professional buyer brokers dedicated to helping the membership. MPA members will also receive a cash rebate of up to 25% of the buyer brokers commission within 14 days of closing and recording the deed.
  • MPA Mortgage Discount Program: The MPA Discount Mortgage Program can help members purchase or refinance their homes with ease. The MPA has partnered with CrossCountry Mortgage to create a discounted home loan program for members and their direct families. As the only MPA-endorsed mortgage lender, they provide low rates, group discounts, and straight forward advice for MPA members and their families. These programs are available for single family/condos, multi-family, 2nd homes, and investment homes.

With this program, you'll receive benefits such as a $275 discount off of closing costs, 1/8% discount off of points incurred, 10% discount on owners' title insurance, and more! They also offer 3.5% down on 1-4 family home purchases. Call (877) 672-6721 for more information.

  • Auto & Home Insurance: The MPA works with insurance icon Liberty Mutual to ensure that our members save HUNDREDS on their home and car insurance, year after year.
  • Accident & Disability: The American Life Insurance Company provides our members with additional benefits they can use in case of accident or disability. These available benefits include group accidental death & dismemberment benefit, health services discount card, child safety kits, and more. 
  • Legal Advice: We're always on the lookout for association benefits that will be of real help and value to our members. Your newest MPA benefit is one that everyone can use: affordable legal advice, consultation and expert legal representation. It's called the Ultimate Defender Legal Plan, and it's an easy way for police in Massachusetts to get the professional help they need for personal legal matters.
  • Vehicle Purchases: The Massachusetts Policeman's Association (MPA) is pleased to announce a new partnership with Prime Motor Group. As part of this partnership, Prime Motor Group is offering Association members and their families' enrollment into the PrimeOne Advantage Program. When it's time to purchase a new or used vehicle, PrimeOne Advantage is designed to offer all members, retirees, and families of the MA Policeman's Association a stress-free car buying experience with preferential treatment in a super convenient way.

For more information about how you can get involved, or for more details concerning the Massachusetts Police Association, please call 617-720-3477 to speak to one of our staff members.