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Supporting Police in the Commonwealth

For over 100 years the Massachusetts Police Association has been THE voice for police officers throughout the Commonwealth. From Greater Boston to Worcester, the Cape and Islands to Springfield, we are proud and honored to represent those who serve our communities and campuses. The MPA strives to provide the men and women of law enforcement with the support required to get the job done safely and professionally. We are your oldest and strongest voice on Beacon Hill. We fight to maintain your collective bargaining rights, your hard-earned benefits, and to ensure you have the tools you need on the street and in the courtroom. Our Legal Defense is second to none and has decades of experience to prove it. If you are a member or an unaffiliated police officer looking for answers to questions regarding benefits or other information, the MPA is here to help. Call today!


The MPA was established in the 20th century with a simple mission in mind: represent law enforcement officers who serve the people of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Since our founding, we have inducted thousands of police officers and their supporters into our ranks, and successfully achieved our goals to create an entity that police can always turn to when they are in need.


  1. Legislation Information

    Legislation from lawmakers can have a profound impact on the police forces in Massachusetts. The MPA keeps cops informed on the happenings on the Hill to ensure they can safeguard and exercise their rights to keep themselves, and their communities, safe.
  2. Legal Defense

    The criminal justice system in this country is sacred to police. However, in these changing times, its decisions are not always easy to interpret, understand, or, at times, accept. That is why the MPA offers expert legal resources and assistance to all police officers in need.
Massachusetts Police Association, Boston MA

About the MPA

The MPA has a storied history of supporting police in Massachusetts. Through our efforts, citizens of the Commonwealth, and the officers who protect them, can stay informed, participate in strengthening law enforcement, and honor the memory of the men and women who have sacrificed so much.

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Massachusetts Police Association, Boston MA

Our Services

The MPA doesn’t stop at simple information. We provide helpful services to police officers, their families, and the communities they serve. Legal defense, legislative information, scholarships, award ceremonies, charity events – the MPA has always been there to lend a helping hand and organized assistance where and when we can.

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Massachusetts Police Association, Boston MA

The Sentinel

The Sentinel is the on-going, official news publication of the Massachusetts Police Association (MPA). Contained within its pages is local, state, and national news concerning police and their efforts.

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Massachusetts Police Association, Boston MA

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