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This is the official website for the Massachusetts Police Association. Our mission is simple, representing law enforcement officers who serve the people of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

We are a non-profit organization that is not affiliated with any other agency of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts nor any other government affiliation.

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MPA Top Stories

SJC Opinion Causes Conferees To Reset

Posted by: James Machado | Posted: 06/17/2015

The recent SJC advisory opinion regarding the Senate's assertion that House actions allowed them to make tax policy changes in the budget has caused conferees to take pause.

Senate Wraps Up Budget

Posted by: James Machado | Posted: 05/26/2015

Summer Unofficially Begins

Last week the Senate worked late into the night to complete their version of the fiscal 16 budget. After two days of debate the Senate took to bundling amendments in order to assure a Memorial Day weekend completion and the unofficial beginning of summer..

Back To Work

Posted by: James Machado | Posted: 05/16/2015

After spending previous week with national pension experts, we returned to the release of the Senate budget which will be debated this week. This debate will take place as hearings run simultaneously.

House Makes Short Work Of Budget

Posted by: James Machado | Posted: 05/02/2015

The House took less than 30 hours to complete deliberations on the budget and the 1100 amendments presented. In the end the budget totaled about $38,1 billion and did not increase taxes while holding spending growth to about 2.8%.

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