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This is the official website for the Massachusetts Police Association. Our mission is simple, representing law enforcement officers who serve the people of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

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MPA Top Stories

From Holyoke Police Chief James Neiswanger

Posted by: James Machado | Posted: 08/27/2015

Last year, Detective Jennifer Sattler was recognized by the Massachusetts Association of Women in Law Enforcement (MAWLE) for the
2014 Excellence in Performance Award.  Captain Denise Duguay nominated Detective Sattler for this award.  

Revenues Continue Upward Trend

Posted by: James Machado | Posted: 08/23/2015

The mid August report on revenues showed a 14.5 % increase over the same period last year. Meals tax showed the greatest increase at 17.8% putting them up 8.9% year to date. The Commonwealth took in $663 million in taxes and increase of $85 million for the period ending 8/14.

Increased Revenues Await

Posted by: James Machado | Posted: 08/15/2015

When legislators return from their summer break, they will have something to celebrate. Revenues for July, the first month of fiscal 16, jumped by 4.8%. Total tax collections equaled $1.673 billion, an increase of $77 million over last year.

Convictions Affirmed By SJC

Posted by: Anonymous | Posted: 08/07/2015

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